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Entry #3

My 1st flash!

2011-01-06 15:03:07 by ArchGamingStudio

If you have witnessed my creation please post some constructive or destructive comments.

Thank you for your time!


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2011-01-06 16:07:43

Do you like pancakes?:))


2011-01-06 16:33:12

I love the way it sounds. Keep on producing!


2011-03-19 14:22:28

we should go hunting for old friends


2011-05-19 17:48:47

About your animation i don't got much to say because theres not much going on but its a very nice start.The characters don't have much life in them and theres a moment in the flash when theres nothing happening and its not very visually interesting just staring at 2 weird drawings(no offense)for a moment.Those type of silent moments its always good to add them after one of the characters does something really stupid or says something stupid or funny.You should of added more movement in the characters like making them look like theres breathing,add them blinking theres eyes and you should of really added some background or some animated background so when those two characters stop moving at least i know my browser didn't freeze.

Ps.Loving the profile image